We, as CEYTUN CONSTRUCTION INC. are proudly presenting itself regarding to have special experiences by taking considerable and successful roles for the implementation of several kinds of Construction Works such as Military Bases, Aircraft Aprons, Road Constructions, Industrial Facilities, Housing complexes, Residences, Hydro-electric Power Stations, Dams, Irrigation Structures, Infrastructure Works etc… both in Turkey and worldwide since the establishment in 1985.
With our dynamic & competitive soul of working, along with management ability and powerful & skilled workmen staff, large equipment parks, huge range of transportation and logistics potentiality, CEYTUN INC. is taking place in every field of construction sector as an EPC Contractor.
Under the leading of wise management team, our engineering & technical staff is capable to conduct any project from the commencement to the completion of the project such that including engineering services, project management, construction and electrical & mechanical instrumentation subdivisions.

Other than the services in field of construction business, CEYTUN INC. is also involving in procurement activities along with logistics services for all types of construction materials to the world market.

Where We Operate?


Middle East and African region are becoming the main target of construction business for Ceytun Inc. Most of the major Construction activities are being carried on in these geographies.

Since we’ve established our Trade Department, we’re also importing to Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Angola, Djibouti and various points in African region.

We’re providing most of commodities & goods from Turkey. We mostly prefer to work with producers/manufacturers at first hand, so that we’re able to enter market with competitive prices.

Tunç Group & Ceytun Construction Inc. are also showing trade activity in and around Afghanistan and Africa due to construction works that are already being operated there.

What We Provide?


Rather than being reputable EPC Contractor for international projects, We are also providing and procuring materials to the customers. The greater part of the procurement activities consists construction materials such as, Rebar, Aggregate, Cement, Backfill Material, Sand, Paint, Structural Steel, cladding materials, insulation materials, plaster, gypsum and gypsum board, and etc…

Along with construction materials we also have ability to procure and transport machinery equipment, Batteries & battery cell, Tyre, Cooking Oil, Flour (Maize, Wheat etc) and others…