CEYTUN Construction Company was established in 1985 in Ankara. In early beginning of 90’s, Ceytun has completed lots of prestigious housing projects as a sub-contractor company in Turkey. Then Ceytun has become an individual Contractor for construction business.

Since year 2006, Ceytun has completed great numbers of projects in Afghanistan as a contractor and a sub-contractor for USACE, Defense Construction Canada and UK Works Group Royal Engineers.

And in year 2010 the African region was targeted as market of construction business for Ceytun. Several types of construction projects have been accomplished with success such as Road projects, Airport and Airfield constructions and Luxury type Housing complexes. And assorted types of procurement and logistics activities are still going on for the African region.

Since Ceytun Construction Co. has been working for more than 25 five years as a contractor company, has a great experience at all kinds of construction works in national and international projects. As well as Industrial building projects and military projects, Ceytun has finished lots of social building constructions, luxurious residence projects, airfield and taxiway projects, business center projects, road construction projects and office building projects successfully.

Ceytun Construction’s head office is located in Ankara and has branch offices in Nairobi/KENYA, Kampala/UGANDA and Dar-es Salaam/TANZANIA.

Ceytun is able to execute all types of construction projects with his experienced and powerful staff.