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Construction of Water Supply System in Kutaisi-Phase II 

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Brief Description of the Works Performed by the Bidder

Kutaisi is located in the central part of Imereti Region in western Georgia. Its distance to Tbilisi is about 220 km and to the Black Sea around 100 km.

The project targets at the rehabilitation of existing and construction of new water supply systems in Kutaisi.

Due to the lack of being satisfactory and non-effectiveness of existing water system Project measures include the construction of new reservoirs at Vazha Pshavela, Tetramitsa and TV Tower, the disconnection of Choma pumping station, the construction of pumping stations, new transmission pipelines and the replacement of the most of old pipes of the distribution network.
In addition, new East reservoir and the connection of the extension areas to the water supply system is the other objectives. Project includes also the replacement of the rest old pipes of the distribution network as well as the construction of pumping stations and collector reservoir.

The project measures will result in water supply system that is divided into supply and pressure zones, that can be operated more easily and effectively and that will provide for sufficient pressure and flow in all supply zones.

The existing transmission main is made of steel with diameter DN 400 and a length of around 3.000 m.
This transmission main will be partly disconnected (ca. 1.900 m), replaced (1.600 m) and newly laid (1.300 m) as DN 500.
In addition, new transmission lines DN 500 are laid to connect the Pumping Station with New East Reservoir (4.200 m) and the latter with the distribution network (4.200 km).
Total length of around 210 kilometres of distribution network (incl. house connections) has to be laid newly in the project. Its diameters vary from OD 25 (house connections) to DN 500.
United Water Supply Company of Georgia